Subtle and dainty minimalist jewelry by Style Dots

Style Dots is your source for minimalist jewelry. We're passionate about affordable style and quality and you get both whenever you buy any of our hundreds of products. All of our jewelry is lead, nickel and cadmium free and backed by our unmatched 1-year manufacturer's warranty so you can buy and wear with confidence. Shop our full collection of simple & dainty jewelry and treat yourself or someone you love Style Dots jewelry. Make sure and also check out the looks below that include some of our exclusive snap jewelry. Our patented necklace, earring and bracelet bases allow you to snap out one center for another in seconds giving you a totally different look! See how our snap jewelry works and discover the Style Dots jewelry difference! 

Simple and stylish dainty jewelry from Style Dots
Look 1: Simple & Stylish - $153.60
Layering jewelry for minimalist looks from Style Dots
Look 2: Chains & Charms - $125.65
Simple dainty gold necklace from Style Dots Jewelry
Look 3: The Perfect Touch of Gold - $161.70
Rose gold layering jewelry for simple everyday wear
Look 4: Professional & Polished - $181.65
Affordable minimalist jewelry earrings and necklace
Look 5: Layers for Everyday Looks - $251.45
Silver tassels and minimal bracelet jewelry
Look 6: Links Large & Small - $165.65
Malachite affordable minimalist necklace and bracelet
Look 7: Splashes of Color - $186.50
The best affordable minimalist jewelry today
Look 8: Petite Geometrics - $135.70
The best way how to wear minimalist jewelry
Look 9: Delicate Details - $253.50
Dainty jewelry for work and pleasure
Look 10: Casual & Contemporary - $202.50
Simple jewelry looks with mixed metal
Look 11: Trendy Mixed Metals - $138.75
Silver layering jewelry for simple looks
Look 12: Classy & Cultured - $291.35
Style Dots is the affordable minimalist brand
Look 13: Simple Yet Chic - $247.50
Affordable pink crystal jewelry from Style Dots
Look 14: In the Pink - $224.40
Trendy layered jewelry looks from Style Dots
Look 15: Beautiful Boho - $294.40